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Why join? You'll get to take part in projects, work together, make a difference in the lives of others, make new friends, design, learn to lead, get support with things you need help with, make money and heeeeeaaaps more! 


Engineering - a point of difference...

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Ask about our Engineering Programme for 8-13 year olds. We're taking the thought that coding needs to be learnt to the next level... Engineering:

“Engineers are people who design, construct, and maintain structures, materials, and systems while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.” Wikipedia


Learn-Now / KidzConnectz

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Wink Learn-Now's the award winning programme run by Registered NZ Teachers & Tutors. Learn-Now was first established in 2001, informed by experience with online teaching since 1997.

Learn-Now's been evolving its global elearning, financial literacy and compassion programme ever since. It helped establish what became the leading student-based portfolio for FreshAz Education (though formerly known as AEO Ltd - 'Authentic Encounters Online' earlier). Late 2016, we've invited to create a very specialised 'Like Minds' programme known as KidzConnectz - but watch this space for more on this, mid Term 1'ish 2017.  
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Operation Christmas Child

Help wanted...

NZ goal: 32,000 boxes for

Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia

 2018: Join in!


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 No matter where you are in NZ.  For more information, contact Jo Gibson 027 686 0140. This International project is seriously heating up.

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You're invited to partner with us...


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Key opportunities for students / teachers

enlightened'ACTUAL REALITY' impacts & outcomes

laugh Project design and development

wink Student driven leraning outcomes

Cool Youth enterprise - money making

Smile Global awareness programmes

Wink Look Local / Go Global: Kidz Conferences

Cool Virtual field trips with real explorers

Smile Website design and development

Wink Tutoring: numeracy, literacy

Cool After-school programmes - various

Laughing Holiday programmes


wink Teacher 'PLD': Latest trends in elearning.

wink FOCUS: how to self-manage any desire!

Making an Impact

Connecting Impacting Collaborating


Students aim to make an impact in the lives of others. They join projects and learn how to create, contribute to and facilitate their own.


Students connect with people 'in the field'. This ranges from people in other countries guest experts, or students in other schools. At one point, we took an interest in Anthony (12) in Uganda (right), and funded a water tank in a nearby Ugandan village in need.

SmileGlobal and Digital Citizenship is at the Social Inquiry heart of Learn-Now. So too, are concepts of Pay it forward, and working with and for each other (not for the teacher). Students experience scenarios to live and breathe, including participation in community projects. With all they learn so what, what if and what now are challenges. How can new skills or slices of knowledge impact others, or further develop themselves...?

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Keen? Please Express your Interest
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Many Thanks
Jo Gibson: Director
(B.Ed, Dip Tchg, NZ)
Ph: ++64 6 378 7000
027 686 0140

We invite home and school partnerships for both long and short-term involvement, to join the fun!
Parents & teachers, let's first chat about what you'd like to adopt and how that will look in terms of fees.

Welcome to the Learn-Now Hub!


Real Projects - Real Impacts

Learn-Now projects just got a whole lot bigger and brighter!

Learn-Now students, 'front up for impact' at an international level, again.

Solar Lamp.png

It all started with a shoe box full of gifts for a kids' first gift ever - at Christmas.

This year, it extends to enrich and impact at a whole new level.

How? Getting up to 10,000 solar lamps into poverty stricken villages.

...and managing what comes from a form like THIS. (Fill it out if you'd like... smiley).


KidzConferences: Next one - 27th March 2019!

kidzconference 2019

This year, the 2018 KidzConference saw 232 students attended from 24 different schools in the Wairarapa and Wellington. Coupled with this, there were 62 community supporters in the way of staff, presenters and volunteers! Next year, we've got an even more exciting range of opportunities, including and will include some of this year's new opportunities also e.g. archery, horse riding, Maori Arts and some serious music making etc!

Check out to see more!

Learn-Now: Join Now!


Dear Principals, Teachers & Parents

Welcome to a mobile teaching and learning service, designed for students around the world, aged 7-13 years old. Check us out. To gain a personalised insight into how we could create a programme for your student(s) at school and/or at home, please complete this expression of interest form.

Highlights from 2017-2018!

  The KidzConference, KidzClubz...


Learn-Now's teamed up with 556 students.

Number of schools we connected with: 29

Number of community groups partnered with: 58

Greatest growth areas: Conferences & KidzClubz.


International connections: South Korea, France, Thailand, Fiji, Samoa, Dubai

Most popular student programme: Financial Literacy & Global Enterprise

Most popular programme adopted by schools: The Smorgasbord

Most popular call for tuition: Literacy and Numeracy

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Want to join in the fun? 

Email for more info.

Can you help us please...?

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The largest aid programme in the world for kids!!

If interested in partnering, contact us for a box, the guides and the labels.

Also, wanted: SPONSORS for goods or funds to provide the gifts and VOLUNTEERS to help get more boxes filled. Contact Jo

View this site for more information behind who's involved and a whole lot more!


Available for all members...


Join online learning classes now (or F2F if in the Wairarapa NZ). See below...

Future-focused teaching and learning

Sneaky Peak (A)

Learn-Now Edge A

With an article like this, we're ticking the right boxes.

Immerse, then be enabled, to empower the great where to next...

Digital, Global and Cyber Citizenship

Still relevant today: Citizenship from EDtalks on Vimeo.